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"Leadership is not about titles,  positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another."

- John C. Maxwell

About Mineela

If Mineela's work as a coach could be summed up, it would be that she is a  leadership and personal development champion.

For over two decades, Mineela has partnered with hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders to assist them in becoming the confident leaders they wish to be.

Leadership is and always will be about relationships. But, to lead well, Mineela believes that one must lead oneself well before leading others. By working with her, both new and seasoned leaders learn to harness their energy and drive to achieve more.

Mineela has developed a form of executive coaching and training that exists at the intersection of behavioral science, business, spirituality, and neuroscience.

During the years of working as a licensed therapist and coach, Mineela has observed a commonality in all great leaders: the ability to not only lead an organization to achieving its goals, but, also the deep desire to support and develop people.

Leadership is more than a set of skills and strategies. It is the ability to focus, create and follow up on achieving their vision, and build up these skills in others. 

In the end, Mineela believes that leadership is a skill available to everyone as the unifying vision of the best leaders is to leave the world a better place.

"You're the real thing!"

- Past Chairman of the Board, Fortune 50 Company

8 Reasons to Hire Mineela

1. You are looking for sustained long-term transformation.

 Entertainment and information only take you so far. Transformation and execution are key. The strategies Mineela shares represent years of experience that have produced positive, sustained, and proven outcomes. The ideas, and strategies she shares make sense and are easy to implement because she has done the work to simplify complex concepts, making them easy to understand and apply in real life.

2. You are looking for processes and systems that encourage ongoing learning everyone can apply.

An intentional and ongoing growth mindset are the foundations to incremental and iterative performance improvements. Mineela provides practical tools and collaterals that ensure learning continues and concepts are implemented. Collaterals could include individual and/or group coaching, private learning groups, and customized worksheets unique to you and/or your team.

3. You want trainings to be directly connected to your organization’s strategic vision and direction.

Mineela doesn’t do trainings (even one offs) without a discussion about what you want to accomplish and how training is directly linked to your business’ overall learning and development strategy. Training is delivered with an understanding and in support of your purpose and strategy.

4. You want practical ideas to create more productive, engaged and effective leaders.

Mineela is an idea bank when it comes to personal development! Her years of experience allow her to guide the generation of elegant, practical, and easily applied solutions you may not have considered. Executives and leaders leave her coaching with clear and personalized action plans.

5. You need someone who adapts to you and your audience.

Mineela customizes your time together to meet the needs of your audience while staying aligned with organizational needs and goals. One size does not fit all as each person and organization is distinct and has its own personality, culture, strengths, and opportunities. You get things that are specifically designed for you.

6. You want someone who walks the walk!

Consistency between what is taught and what is done is an important part of Mineela’s branding. She never tells someone to do something she does not do herself. As a result, she personally knows the challenges of productivity and engagement you face every day. She understands what works, what makes a difference and the challenge of sustaining change. Theory and research form the basis of her work but, also supported by real world experience, application and practice.

7. You are looking for content/training that gets past superficiality. 

Mineela places a strong emphasis on relevant content that takes people to the heart of the matter. Direct, challenging, clear, knowledgeable, and tenacious. These are all words used to describe Mineela’s focus that help people get to not only where they want to be, but also where they need to be - the next level. Strong content, and content delivery, are carefully crafted to match a structured learning theory, designed to move people forward.

8. You want someone who has a deep and broad understanding of human psychology.

Human psychology is complex. Mineela has a solid understanding of and extensive experience in working at the intersection of behavior, neuroscience, motivation, and change. The first step of any transformation is determining whether you have the precursors necessary for change. Mineela is masterful at determining if precursor needs have been met and, if not, how to achieve them so change becomes possible, and inevitable.

Here's the unstuffy part of my bio...

Honestly, I could care less about telling you about all my accomplishments. (My detailed CV can be found here on LinkedIn.)

I would rather stay focused on doing the work I am so passionate about - the personal development of people so they can contribute their best to others.

I have been in the business of change ever since I could remember. I also deeply believe in the goodness of humanity and its capacity to create and build novel, helpful,  and beautiful things.

No one is an island and I am not any different. I and my work have been shaped by many people who have shown up in my life as leaders and guided me along the way.

Now, it's my turn.

I am, first and foremost, a mother of a teenager, an avid Marvel fan (because the good guys should win in the end), and a hoarder of knowledge for knowledge's sake.

My neurodivergence means my kid has learned to sustain herself on gummy vitamins on those days I get hyperfocused on some new idea or problem I am grappling with.

As an individual who is ADHD and Autistic, My neurodivergent mind is beautifully different. It has made it possible for me to be skilled at solving problems creatively, coming up with elegant solutions, thinking out of the box, and curiosity that has resulted in knowledge in a variety of fields both logical/rational and creative.

Things have never interested me.

But, people...?

People are an obsession.

Everyone has the potential to be a leader.

How much impact and influence you have is up to you.

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